Reproduction of Millwork & Historic Moldings

We can exactly match your non-standard historic molding profiles in durable, stable wood species. Whether you need a short run or a houseful, we can match your wood molding exactly, and turn your order around fast.

The vernacular Maryland and Virginia built environment was constructed before the time of standardized molding profiles, in the 18th and 19th centuries. Profiles therefore vary from town to town and from neighborhood to neighborhood.

These local design traditions were established not by architects, but by carpenters, and sustained by the profiles of the molding planes they carried onto the job site. Such locally produced tools and traditions are what determine the unique and diverse look of neighborhood building styles.

To faithfully reproduce these historic wood moldings in the 21st century, it is often necessary to machine a cutting knife, thereby adding to the initial cost and the turnaround time. We've acquired a number of historic collections of local wood molding knives, so it is quite possible we already have your knife in our collection of custom molding tools. Check with us first.